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Scalable SDI System


This SDI system allows you to enter and verify your data on an onboard computer linked to your electronic database. The system operates at all steps of the process: from loading to delivery. Thanks to integrated WI-FI communication, daily transactions and statistics are electronically transferred on the go. These electronic files allow you to invoice clients and adjust your inventories directly from your data management system without having to manually re-enter the information.

Mesures CalibTech Inc. is an agent of this SDI system, which was entirely created by Quebec-based experts. All data entry and validation screens were designed to faithfully mirror your operational processes, making it easier to train your teams.

Advantages of SDI:

  • Enter, validate, and automatically calculate all your data related to individual client pricing, including taxes and surcharges, if applicable.
  • Enter and validate individual truck inventories and product categories.
  • Print delivery tickets containing all the client’s relevant information.
  • Cell, WI-FI or USB communication.
  • No more wasting time and risking mistakes when manually transcribing data, thanks to the system’s automated electronic files.
  • Self-guiding GPS process.
  • Manage fleet refuelling (RFID).
  • Increase the number of daily deliveries per truck by getting rid of manual transactions.
  • Update your inventories by product, loading, delivery.

SDI is an integrated and constantly evolving scalable distribution system that adapts to the various aspects of liquid product delivery.

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