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  • Heavy Truck Maintenance and Repair

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Petroleum, Propane and Other Tank Repair

Improve the performance and extend the life of your full range of tanks by entrusting us with their maintenance and repair.

The experienced and committed mechanics at Mesures CalibTech have all the necessary certifications to practice their trade.

Tank Inspection and Calibration

To ensure that your tanks and reservoirs meet all Quebec standards, you must comply with government regulations on inspection frequency. At Mesures CalibTech, we have all the necessary certifications to evaluate your tanks.

Calibration will ensure your meters are accurate. This enables you to deliver the correct quantity of product from your petroleum, fuel oil and propane tanks.

New and Used Tanks for Sale

CalibTech has a vast inventory of new and used tanks and tank trucks, with the best prices on several models.

Heavy Truck Maintenance and Repair

In addition to knowing all the ins and outs of tanks and reservoirs, we are also experts in heavy vehicle maintenance and repair. You will drive off in a truck that runs like new!