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About us


Mesures CalibTech Inc. has been a trusted partner in the repair of petroleum and propane transportation tanks and equipment since 1998.

We also offer tank assembly for various uses.  Ex: Petroleum (TC-406) – Chemical/vacuum (TC-407/ TC-412) - Transport (N/C), etc., as well as propane (TC-331) tank repair.

Mesures CalibTech can rebuild and transfer (changeover) your carrier truck’s tank, and manufacture custom parts and components for all your units according to your needs and specifications.

We also offer a tank inspection and certification service, in compliance with current government standards. (Ex.: B-620)

To better serve your needs, our Montreal workshop offers a vast inventory of specialized truck and tank parts from recognized suppliers.

Mesures CalibTech is also a repair and parts center for heavy trucks.

Save time and money when maintaining and repairing your trucks by cutting out travel time. All the work required on your equipment can be done in one convenient location!      

Mesures CalibTech can convert gasoline engines into hybrid propane engines.

Propane conversion is also available to individuals and fleet managers of gasoline-powered vehicles, as well as to businesses, organizations and private and public institutions.

The use of propane as an alternative fuel to gasoline significantly reduces environmental impact and operating costs (GHG reduction of 20 to 30% - Reduction of energy expenses of about 50%, according to Environment Canada).

Mesures CalibTech takes data integrity seriously!

We are there to help you improve your company's performance. We proudly offer and deliver products and services that meet your needs and wishes, within your prescribed delivery schedule.

Our primary objective is your satisfaction with our services, which we reach by actively contributing to your business’ success. We make your job easier by providing all the services required for your operations under one roof.

At Mesures CalibTech, the customer is always our top priority! Our company's vision and commitment to you can be summed up in a sentence: We offer a diversified set of services that will earn your trust and loyalty.